Do’s of Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers would certainly be in demand as long as there are marriages but not every wedding photographer would be able to become famous. There is a lot of hard-work and determination required in order to capture good photographs and there are only a very few photographers like Pixelicious who can do this flawlessly.


Mentioned below are the dos of wedding photography that every photographer should follow.

  • Check the venue and the lighting beforehand

As a photographer from Pixelicious, you need to ensure that you would have visited the wedding site even before your clients go. You need to understand everything about the venue, the lighting and also the spots which would help you to get great shots. This can always save time on the wedding day as you already know about the venue and the places where the shooting has to be done.

  • Check all the equipment

You need to make sure that you have done a complete check of the equipments that you would need on the wedding day. In case if one of the most important equipment, a tripod stand is damaged or broken, these checks would help you to arrest them and it may save you from an embarrassment on the wedding day.

  • Do your homework well

You should have done complete research on the kinds of shots that you would be taking and also seek permission from the client always for the kind of shots that you may have to take. These things again will showcase that Pixelicious is professional when it comes to customers.

When you do all the things mentioned above you would certainly be able to satisfy your thirst of being the best photographer and alongside making your customers happy as well. Well, aiming for excellence is one of the greatest qualities of every good photographer.